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Appeals Rex Whitford is the Chair of the Appeals Sub-committee.  He will convene Appeals Sub-Committees as and when required.  The make-up of this sub-committee will be determined by who is available to sit on the committee at the time that the hearing is required. Rex can be contacted on:  0412 226 737.

* Appeals Procedure

* Appeals Form

Address PO Box 1033, Unley SA 5061
Clubs Sub Committee The Clubs Sub Committee is convened by Adel Abdelhamid. It advises the Management Committee on matters of particular interest to the clubs that form the SABF.
Constitution Phil Markey is the convenor of the Constitutional Sub Committee. South Australian Bridge Federation Incorporated Constitution * Constitution
Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation by the delegates from the member clubs.

Adel Abdelhamid President Telephone: 0402 433 674
Angela Norris- Secretary Telephone: 0419 039 782
Paul Walker- Treasurer Mob: 0433 397 532


National The National Championship Sub Committee is responsible for the Autumn Nationals, and any other national events held in Adelaide by the SABF.
Promotion The convenor is Margaret Walters, tel 08 8332 9725, email margaret.walters@bigpond.com.
Minutes of Meetings Minutes of Meetings  are available for perusal and are listed in date order. * Minutes
Tournament Sub Committee David Anderson is the Chair of the Tournament-Sub-Committee.  He can be contacted on 0403 278 754.
Other members of this committee Bob Clarke, Carole Foreman, David Parrott, Arthur Porter & Felicity Smyth.
Minutes of meetings can be viewed at the minutes link.
The Tournament Regulations can be found by clicking on Tournament Regulations.
* Tournament Regulations.
Education and Training Sub-Committee David Parrott is the Chair of the Education and Training Sub-Committee.  He can be contacted on 8263 0397
The other member of this committee is John Elliott
Youth The SABF Youth Coordinator is Justin Williams.. He can be contacted on 0407979610