Procedures for return to Bridge at Glenelg Contract Bridge Club

The following procedures are in the interest of keeping us all safe and well.

1.      Covid-Safe app: S.A. Health guidelines recommend the Covid-Safe app is downloaded to your smartphone and the club encourages all members to comply.


2.      Initial entry: Members should arrive early to ensure that they are seated for play 10 minutes before the session commences.  There will be a sign at the door and a committee member to ensure that no-one is entering with a sore throat, cough or temperature or have been interstate or overseas recently or been near someone who has or is suspected of having Covid-19.  If you answer yes to any of the above questions you will be asked to leave.

Having cleared the initial entry, you will be asked to sanitise your hands at our new free-standing sanitiser station.


3.      Partners: All players will be required to have a pre-arranged partner.  Directors will not be playing with unaccompanied people.


4.      Payment: The club has taken this opportunity to make the club cashless.  This means you will pay your table fees or any other fees by EFTPOS/PayWave. (Sorry we do not accept American Express or Diners Card)  Make sure you have your EFTPOS/Credit card on the ready for the director when he/she comes around for payment.


5.      Bidding Boxes and pens: Please bring your own pen if you require it for recording hands.  If you do not have your own, bidding boxes will be available at the club and rotated every fourth day. East-West will keep their bidding boxes with them when they change tables during the session.


6.      Sanitising: There will be 2 sanitiser bottles at each table.  You must sanitise your hands before or after each round of play.


7.      Booking System:  We were considering an online booking system so that directors knew how many people would be arriving for each session, however, with the easing of state restrictions we feel that the numbers will not exceed the maximum number allowed.


8.      Bridgemate use:  South will continue to record the scores in the Bridgemates and will show the entry to East for confirmation, however South will press the final entry button.


9.      Refreshments: Please bring your own water, thermos flask for tea or coffee etc. and biscuits (whatever you require for afternoon tea).  There will be a tea-break but please ensure that you always maintain adequate social distancing.  The kitchen will be off limits.  As a courtesy to others do not drink hot drinks during play.


10.  After the break: Don’t forget to sanitise your hands before play resumes.


11.  Close of Play: Cleaning products and paper towel will be kept at your table to wipe down the table and your chair.


12.  Final clean: Directors and committee members will do a final wipe of relevant surfaces at the end of each session.  I am sure we would love to have your help from time to time.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Glenelg Contract Bridge Club,

SA Sea Rescue Squadron, Barcoo Rd, West Beach.

Phone 8376 7677 during session times.



Glenelg Contract Bridge Club,

SA Sea Rescue Squadron, Barcoo Rd, West Beach.

Phone 8376 7677 during session times.